These Applicants Were Rejected By Harvard Business School

Posted by Ed 13 mths ago
Only 1% of the world’s GMAT test takers could claim an equal score. With a 780 on the test–50 points above the current 730 median score at Harvard Business School and 170 points higher than the newest MBA student enrolled with the lowest score–he’s solidly inside the 99th percentile of everyone who has taken the exam.

This 25-year-old South African also works at a globally recognized financial service firm that is even the basis of Harvard case study. He’s also the co-founder of a successful plastics recycling company and a volunteer consultant on a higher education funding project for the past two years.

Yet, when he applied to Harvard’s round one deadline this year, he couldn’t even win n interview at Harvard and was immediately dinged.

Or consider the 30-year-old woman who graduated Phi Beta Kappa with an English and French degree from a top U.S. liberal arts school. On the GRE exam, she scored a 169 on the verbal section of the test (four points above Harvard’s median) and 164 on the quant (a point higher than the median), the equivalent of a 740 GMAT. After a five-year career as a professional athlete, she spent two years in journalism and the past year in marketing at a digital services field.

Rejected, too, without an interview.

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