Posted by KH87 19 mths ago
Hi Asia Xpat,

I was hoping someone would be able to please help me out. I’ve been working and living in Hong Kong for 3 years now and ever since I started working at my company, they’ve told me that they don’t have to pay me MPF. I’ve approached my HR Manger twice now and she said that because I have a pension fund back home in Australia, they don’t have to contribute to my MPF. Is this correct? I’m about to relocate to Singapore and everyone I speak to think this isn’t right. I’m on a local contract too and got the role here in HK.

Thanks for your help.

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Ed 19 mths ago
Doesn't sound right to me - you can call the MPF hotline to clarify

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KH87 19 mths ago
Thanks so much Ed. I called that hotline and they were brilliant, appreciate your help.

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