Request for contact of Recruiters or HR Managers

Posted by stuli1989 3 yrs ago
Hey guys,

Would appreciate any contacts for recruiters or HR Managers in the Financial Services space in Hong Kong.My wife who moved over here after our marriage from India has been trying to reach out to them via LinkedIn and other avenues to look for work for over 12 months now and the needle just hasn't moved.

She's qualified as a chartered accountant in India, currently preparing for her CFA Level 3 in June this year and has work experience in Private Wealth in India for over a year. Unfortunately she doesn't speak Chinese but we are looking to begin learning this year.

Any leads for recruiters who work on helping expats get hired or HR Managers who are looking for a smart, dedicated financial services executive would really be appreciated. Can help with more details on a private message.

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Ed 3 yrs ago
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