"I'm a portfolio manager at a top hedge fund. I work 8 hours a day"

Posted by PSR_AXP 17 days ago
I'm a portfolio manager at a major hedge fund in Europe. I work hard, but I don't work long hours. On a typical day, I work for around eight hours and make time for walks and for listening to music.
Working for a fund is different to working for a bank. I have more autonomy. There are days when I finish early, or work from home. I have the choice when to load-up on risk and when to dial back down again, and this gives me a lot more freedom.
My schedule is partly dictated by the markets I'm trading. I trade different regional markets (Europe/Asia/the US), and on days when I'm trading Asia I have a different routine - I wake up at 4am and trade from home for a few hours before walking into the office. I'll then have a few hours off in the middle of the day before trading the US in the evenings.

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