Goldman Sachs analyst quits after 15 months of 17-hour days

Posted by PSR_AXP 17 days ago
Have the hours at Goldman Sachs got any better than they were? Based on the firm's own controls on working hours following last year's complaints from juniors in its technology investment banking team, the answer should be "yes." But based on recent exits from the healthcare team and a new Twitter thread from Chris Hladczuk in its TMT leveraged finance team, that may be wishful thinking.
Hladczuk, a 24 year-old Yale graduate, has left Goldman's New York office to join Meow, a corporate treasury management platform founded by five engineers from crypto exchange, Gemini.
Hladczuk says he quit Goldman after 15 months in which he was taught to work "crazy hours (9am to 2am regularly," to "develop insane attention to detail (try correcting commas until 1 am)," and to "prioritize projects with 1,000's of emails flooding my inbox." During the year or so he was at Goldman, he says he worked on eight deals, compared to an industry average of two. 

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