"I paid back my student loan. Other people blew their bonuses"

Posted by PSR_AXP 10 days ago
I'm a Democrat, but I'm not entirely supportive of Biden's student loan relief program. One of the big talking points around those in favor of the relief is that people are so crushed by their student loan debts that they cannot buy houses, start businesses, or start families. This might be so in some areas of the economy, but in finance - where some people will be covered by the $10k relief if they earn less than $125k or are part of a couple earning less than $250k, it makes no sense.
I've been in the banking industry over six years and I have paid my student loans back in full. I've always paid my way. I paid my way through school by working while I studied, and I paid back a lot of my loans as I went along.
When I got a job in banking, I continued to save and repay. I didn't take vacations, buy expensive clothes, makeup and handbags. I lived in cheap apartments out of town; I barely even had furniture!

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