Junior bankers' TikTok videos about their spending habits

Posted by PSR_AXP 10 days ago
If you're an analyst in an investment bank with a salary of $110k+ and a bonus that could take your total compensation to $200k, what do you spend your money on? In the new realm of social media transparency, junior bankers on TikTok are offering some heavy insights.
One second year analyst in the TMT team of a major US bank in New York says she spent $1.6k in a weekend, of which over half went on clothes (including a $720 suit for work, which she says isn't a standard weekend purchase). There was a "lymphatic drainage massage" for $210, a personal trainer for $135 and an $11 slushi from Starbucks.
Another banker of indeterminate experience (but who also seems to be a second year analyst) working for a bank in LA, says he spent over $13k in August, including rent and a holiday in Thailand that he also paid for in the preceding months.

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