"Expat bankers in Hong Kong have unusually privileged lives"

Posted by PSR_AXP 9 days ago
I'm a finance professional and technologist and my career has been spent in the US and Asia. I grew up in public housing in Hong Kong, as did my family members. I live in Hong Kong again now. And although I can easily afford it, I don't employ maids or "helpers."
This is in contrast to most bankers in the expat community here. My experience is that my expat friends in Hong Kong enjoy very privileged lives. All their needs are catered for. They hang out in private clubs with other expats and live relatively care-free wives with a few maids at home - many have one maid per child.
As a native Hong Konger, I dislike this culture, which is why I've always refused to get full time helpers even if I have the means. In my opinion, having maids in the house makes both adults and children feel entitled. It's not good for the power dynamics in the household. When our children were young and we needed help, we instead got part-time helpers to help out a few times a month.

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