Brain-damaged associate is a warning for Big 4 drinking culture

Posted by PSR_AXP 6 days ago
If you were on holiday in August, you may have missed one of the most troubling stories of the summer. - That concerning Michael Brockie, the PWC audit manager, now aged 28, who suffered a horrific head injury three years ago after attending a "pub-golf" outing organized by his employer.
Brockie, who says he has “persistent cognitive symptoms” after losing a significant chunk of his brain to the injury, has brought a personal injury claim against PWC. He says his manager "failed to take reasonable care for the safety of co-workers.” In an emailed invitation to the event sent from his work address, Brockie's manager said that there was "very heavy pressure" to participate. Attendance entailed visiting nine bars or clubs and downing drinks in as few mouthfuls as possible to achieve a low "score."
Brockie was subsequently found lying in the street and was placed in an induced coma. "Doctors and the police came to the conclusion that I fell over and didn't use my hands to break the fall so I ended up hitting my head on the floor. The next thing I remember was four weeks later," he said eight months after the event. 

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