JPMorgan's newest employee has impeccable connections

Posted by Ed 4 days ago
What's more important when you're trying to get a job in finance? What you know, or who you know? Or is it down to a complex (or not) interaction of the two?

In the case of Lili Buffett, who's just joined JPMorgan's wealth management unit in New York City, it seems hard to conceive that who she knows didn't have at least some consequence for her employability. Lili Buffett is married to Howard W. Buffett, the grandson of Warren Buffett, who is, needless to say, one of the world's richest people with a net worth somewhere in the vicinity of $100bn. 

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Ed 4 days ago
Want a vibrant sense of style, a deep appreciation for the beach and a desire to share all that the city has to offer, philanthropist Lili Buffett is a true Miami girl. She grew up in the area before heading to New York for college at Columbia University, where she studied economics and philosophy.
While there she developed an interest in the alleviation of poverty and gender inequality, which has informed her work with charities like the Captain Planet Foundation and Kids Operating Room.
“Access to proper healthcare in every corner of the world is so important to me, and I’m really proud of what’s being done by KidsOR—a charity known for their work in Africa, and as of late, an expansion into Latin America,” she says. “Through a partnership with Smile Train, they’re making pediatric surgery centers accessible to areas lacking these desperately-needed facilities.” 

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