"My days as a trainee crypto trader"

Posted by PSR_AXP 2 days ago
Christopher Newhouse is a graduate trader at GSR, a crypto-native market maker focused on providing liquidity to institutional counterparts as well as market making for individual token projects. He started about a month ago with a graduate class of 7, and was the only hire in the US this year for the graduate trader position. After some initial training in London, he's now on the desk and this is what his average day looks like.
6:00 - 8:00 AM: I wake up around 6:00, make a quick breakfast and head to the gym. I usually shower and get ready at the gym so I can just take the bus right to the office. GSR has a hybrid working model so occasionally people work from home on Monday and Friday. It’s great to have the flexibility to choose when to come into the office, but I try to come to the office as much as possible being junior in my career. I’ve really appreciated being able to turn around in my chair and have a conversation with others, and I like being able to walk over to my buddy's desk and shadow him during the day while I learn some of the day-to-day operations.
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM: When I get to work I catch up with some co-workers, grab something from the kitchen and take a look at some of the systems and chats to see what happened overnight. GSR has traders in all different time-zones, so it’s pretty easy to transition our day-to-day tasks over to the next time-zone and we don't need to work beyond our local hours. I take a look at some news articles but in crypto it’s a bit different; I scroll through some popular Twitter pages to see if anything interesting has happened in the ecosystem and read some news about a few tokens that haven’t been published officially yet but that seem to have impacted price action. I scroll through some additional news related Telegram chats, and check up on crypto-native news sources such as The Block and CoinDesk for more of a broad picture. I try to focus a lot on the derivatives and options space in crypto since I find that to be the most interesting, so I also look at some more traditional metrics like term-structure and skew of cryptocurrency options and think about some ways traders may be trying to structure their views in the options market to get more color on where people may think the market may be heading.

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