Horrors as banks open applications for summer interns in 2024

Posted by PSR_AXP 58 days ago
If you're the sort of student who likes to take their time applying for internships, researching companies, reading reviews and generally contemplating which firm is best to apply to, we have some bad news for you. If you want to get an internship at an investment bank, you probably need to act fast - particularly if you're in the US.
Banks in America have long had a reputation for trying to hire summer interns (AKA "summer analysts") as early as they possibly can in order to get the pick of the best talent and to gain an advantage over rivals. This year, some are hiring earlier than ever.
It's not every bank (yet), but Rothschild and RBC Capital Markets are already advertising for summer analysts in the US for...2024. Rothschild is looking for summer 2024 analysts for M&A, ECM, DCM and restructuring. RBC Capital Markets wants them for similar roles, plus areas like leveraged finance and convertibles.

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