As expat bankers return, Hong Kong hiring could surge

Posted by PSR_AXP 50 days ago
Expat bankers could return to Hong Kong next year as hopes rise that China will re-open its borders.
China’s zero covid policy prompted an exodus of talent at the start of the year, and a number of international banks have moved staff to other locations.
Many senior investment bankers also moved out on a temporary basis, either for family reasons or so that they could travel to see clients and colleagues.

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real4real 30 days ago
Landicho added: “Once China starts opening up, banks will start recruiting there again in force. We expect that to resume in the second half of 2023. China’s zero Covid policy has prompted a number of US banks to move talent to Singapore."

My comment : Many factors.

Does she really know what's the recession?

US orders Nvidia and AMD to stop selling AI chips to China. AMD & NVIDIA, may move from Hong Kong to Taiwan. HK / China technology and innovation without AI chips ?

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