"Banks are full of beautiful successful women with dating issues"

Posted by PSR_AXP 15 mths ago

It's Valentine's Day and if you haven't spent the equivalent of at least $175 on your chosen one, you're falling behind. But if you're a woman in investment banking, buying lavish gifts can be problematic.

"Men will say they want a powerful woman who earns more than them, but the feedback that I hear from a lot of my female clients is that when they're in a dating situation, this isn't the case," says Lucy Puttergill, the former JPMorgan VP in delta one sales who left banking to travel the world and become a coach in 2020. Research has shown that men don't like women who earn more than them. "There's a big issue around women in banking and dating," Puttergill observes, "It's really difficult for them."

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