What Should We Do About Fridays?

Posted by Ed 10 mths ago
Friday has long been a little bit different.
It was the day the boss might invite the team to leave work a little early, or the suit-and-tie dress code might give way to slacks and sweaters.
But no matter how relaxed, Friday was still another day at the office. Then Covid turned the work world upside down, and Fridays lost their Friday-ness. There was nothing special about a casual dress code, once we were living full-time in sweats, and nothing exciting about leaving work a little early to get home, because many of us were already there.
By the time offices reopened, there was no way to bring back the Friday magic—or even any way to know what Fridays were supposed to be anymore. We may have returned to the office, but an awful lot of workers are still home on Fridays.
So now Fridays float in no man’s land, as not quite a regular workday, and not quite a weekend—creating a whole new set of workplace dilemmas.

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