They Lost Weight—and Say It Helped Their Careers

Posted by Ed 48 days ago
Slimmed-down workers say they feel more confident and get viewed more favorably.
Tynan Phelan resolved to get in shape last year because he wasn’t happy with his appearance. He started taking 5- to 10-mile walks with his dog and worked his way up to jogging, indoor rowing and moderate strength training. His weight dropped from 270 pounds to 200 pounds.
The resulting boost to his self-esteem, he expected. More shocking, he says, was suddenly getting noticed at work. As a recruiter in the cannabis industry, Phelan often attends networking events and says he used to be a “sad, sweaty guy in a corner.” Now he says people approach him warmly and, though he can’t prove it, he believes his new look and confidence have helped him land executive-search contracts he might have lost before.

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