Can St Paul's Hospital refuse to write me a referral letter for MRI?

Posted by childfree 9 mths ago
I had a severe migraine and went to the private St Paul's Hospital (SPH henceforth) in Causeway Bay. The OPD (Outpatient Dept.) physician recommended a MRI, but he refused to write me a referral letter. I don't want to pay for an MRI at SPH, as SPH probably overcharges. SPH's Medical Superintendent, Dr William Ho re-confirmed their refusal to write letters for MRIs outside SPH.

I distrust HK's for-profit hospitals. If I don't know better, SPH appears to be compelling and extorting me to pay just them! ! I've emailed the General Medical Council, but haven't heard back yet. In the UK, where I'm from, my GP would write such a referral without putting up a fight! Thanks!

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