Blind Massage in Central HK



Posted by Ed 30 days ago
I was feeling rather stiff after hitting the twin peaks on Sunday ... then playing ice hockey on Sunday night.... Icouldn't bend down to tie my shoes on Monday morning... 
Voltaren and pain cream masked the pain but did not treat the cause... so I crawled next door to the blind massage clinic this afternoon  and spent an hour on the table   ...
The lower back stiffness and pain are gone ... as well as stiffness in the rest of my back and legs...
I can't recommend these guys highly enough...

Health Care Centre of the Blind

TEL : +852 2810 6666

HOURS : M-Sat 9:30am-8pm

Room 205, 2/F, Tung Ming Building, 40-42 Des Voeux Road Central, Central

Therapeutic massages by lifetime professionals



Brit2014 18 days ago
May I ask how much it costs?

Ed 18 days ago
HKD250 for one hour

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