Think before you ink – tattoos can take a toll on your body

Posted by Ed 21 mths ago

There is a significant public health concern about toxic metals found in the human body through having a tattoo. Nanoparticles from pigments and impurities found in tattoo ink travel around the body on a potential course of destruction. Research has revealed that tattoo ink can be responsible for a chronic enlargement of the lymph nodes and a breakdown in the immune system.

Human beings need healthy lymph nodes which are small glands to fight infection and filter out viruses and bacteria that can cause many different illnesses. Doctors are warning those with weak immune systems not to have tattoos. The caution comes after a woman with cystic fibrosis and lung transplants developed knee pain after having a tattoo on her leg which caused major complications. (1)
Infection from unsterilized tattoo needles and the transmission of diseases were always the focus of concern when it came to having a tattoo but now the potentially high levels of toxic elements found in the ink have hit the headlines.

Tattoos and heavy metal…

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