Why Do I Feel Like a Fraud?

Posted by Ed 8 mths ago
By Eric S. Jannazzo Ph.D

In my years of practice, I’ve been shocked to see how many people privately feel like total fakes.
Why is this so common?
“I feel like a total fraud.”

I can only guess at the number of times I’ve heard that said in my office. I’ve heard it from all ages and from just about every walk of life, from the professor and from the executive; from the engineer and from the homemaker; from the artist and from (gulp) the surgeon.

The feeling is as durable as it is ubiquitous: it appears that this feeling remains largely unaffected by years of training, by decades of success, by winning prestigious awards and honors. In fact, the awards and honors are often fuel on the fire of a sense of fraudulence. “If people only knew.”
The secret becomes even bigger.

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