Confirmed: Subway 'Chicken' is only 42% Chicken


Posted by Ed 4 mths ago
Four years after learning their longtime spokesman was a giant pedophile, Subway has suffered yet another embarrassment after a Canadian court threw out a $210 million lawsuit against journalists who tested the company's meat, only to discoer that Subway chicken contains as little as 42.8% actual chicken.

In February 2017, the Canadian Broadcasting Company's Marketplace DNA tested six different pieces of chicken from five fast food restaurants - finding that poultry from A&W, McDonald's, Tim Hortons, and Wendy's contained between 88.5% and 89.4% chicken DNA.


 53.6% for their oven roasted chicken contained actual chicken, and 42.8% of their chicken strips. According to the CBC, the rest of it was soy protein, according to VICE. 

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Ed 4 mths ago
They forgot to mention 'And 42.8% Real Chicken'
This doesn't even look like chicken --- it looks like some sort of glob that was mixed with emulsifiers and other non-food items ---- that was extruded out of the back end of a machine...  then deep fried...  and chopped into pieces:

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