How to Cancel Pure Gym Membership

Posted by djbaoluo 4 mths ago
I was a satisfied member at Pure Fitness & Pure Yoga until I left Hong Kong at the end of 2019. I actually lost my job and returned to my former employer in Japan. I made multiple attempts to cancel my membership in writing via email and WhatsApp but kept getting the run around and asked to continue submitting more documents to prove I no longer lived in Hong Kong. It was frustrating and their corporate policies wore me down. I just now realized my credit card was still getting charged the past several month. Any advice on how to finally cancel my membership with Pure?

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gheejoan 4 mths ago
I submitted a copy of my one way flight ticket, a letter from employer indicating your new job or a letter from your employer indicating you no longer work for them (you were made redundant or left the company, etc) . Pure from the very beginning is a sleazebag!

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