Back Pain / Disc Replacement

Posted by GreertonTGA 4 mths ago

For a number of years I have had suffered back pain -this year my L5/S1 disc herniated causing incredible nerve pain down my legs. After seeing Dr Raymond Yip, he recommended a disc replacement.

Has anyone had one or know of anyone that has? I would love to hear your/their experience. The procedure sounds great but being the spine I am nervous. I have tried EVERY form of holistic treatment with no resolve.

I would be so grateful for any feedback.

Many thanks in advance.

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JasonChan2005 4 mths ago

If your condition needed to result in surgery and since this a spine surgery, I would recommend that you always get a second opinion with another doctor in a similar field of expertise.

L5/S1 is one of the most common disc problem that majority of people would get. This is mostly due to bad sitting posture and lying on bed. For the surgery treatment there would be multiple options

1. Disc replacement: This is one of the favorite options that people would choose ( replacing an artificial disc). However, for all kinds of invasive procedure, you have to be clear of the risks and benefits.
2. Spine fusion: Take out the damage part and fused two vertebrate together. Good side: You will be rid of disc problem. Bad side: you will have a less flexible spine. ( bending might be a bit difficult)

My recommendation is find another doctor HT CHOW, Raymond Yip, Daniel Mok, are all ok from word of mouth. However, I would suggest that you find the doctor who only concentrate on doing spine. The rationale is just very simple, A person who only operate on spine ( lets say 80 surges in a year ) while B person who operates on everything ( 100 surgeries in a year) who would have more experience in spine surgery?

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JIVEN 3 mths ago
How severer is your pain.

For sciatic nerve manipulation, pressure on buttock cheeks & thighs would relieve the pain immediately.
Additional pressure points on forearm & sides of shoulder blades.

Being in a Chinese place, locals would seek manipulation before surgery.

My experience of overworking & lifting heavy items took a toll (lifeless on the ground) and I've visited the following:
1. Victor & Partners Physiotherapy (Dundas Street - Mr. Victor himself)
2. Master Yau at Lockhart road, Wan Chai
3. Health Care Studio at Lai Chi Kok

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David Cosman 44 days ago
How are you now?

Does lying on bed really cause disc problems?

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JasonChan2005 44 days ago
Hi David

Lying in bed means lying on a wrong posture. For example : people like to lying in bed while their upper trunk is straight up and the lower part of the body (leg) is lying flat on the bed. Think of it as a “L” shape. Long time maintaining this posture actually out pressures on the lower vertebrate

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