How Playing Soccer Damages Your Brain

Posted by Ed 30 days ago
NOBBY STILES’S family say they have been told his brain was severely damaged by repeated heading of the ball.

The former Manchester United and England player died aged 78 in October having suffered from dementia for many years, and his family told a national newspaper that they received the diagnosis after donating his brain to Dr Willie Stewart’s field study.

The study is looking at the possible link between dementia and a career in professional football. It found in October 2019 that footballers were three-and-a-half times more likely to die of neurodegenerative disease than age-matched members of the population.
Dr Stewart presented his findings to the Stiles family on Friday, the paper said.
His son John Stiles told the newspaper: “He told us that the damage to my dad’s brain was very severe and could only be explained by him heading the ball over the sustained period of his career.
“It confirmed what he had believed for a long time. 

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