Do fruit and vegetables prevent cancer?

Posted by Ed 29 days ago

For the last couple of decades we have been bombarded with messages to eat more fruit and vegetables. One of the main arguments for this, and indeed the entire motivation behind the “5-a-day” campaign that started in the early 90’s, is that fruit and vegetables protect against cancer. But do they really?

The European Prospective Investigation in to Cancer and Nutrition, otherwise known as the EPIC study (I guess “EPICN” didn’t sound quite as, well, epic) was a large cohort study that looked in to this question.

A cohort study is a type of observational study that recruits people and then follows them over time to see what happens to them. The study was funded by the European Commission and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. 

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bananaq 21 days ago
They don't and probably cause cancer the way we grow our modern fruits. Modern because we don't grow the native fruits anymore what we are growing are hybrids that was design to be more sweet. The land were we grow all these fruits are contaminated with chemicals from fertilizer and pesticide and chemical from water and on air. Eating fruits daily all year round cause obesity and diabetes. Fruits are seasonal food but in modern city like HK you can buy almost all fruits everyday.

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