Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Posted by bub 11 mths ago
I'm looking to connect with people who are suffering from or have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), or are caregivers for the same.

A member of my family has been diagnosed recently, and I'm struggling to find much needed therapy and support.

I know of facebook groups for MS but they r not helpful keeping in mind that I am in HK.

I'm keen to know if you
- went through the public hospitals or private,
- r receiving any occupational / physio therapy (from where)
- and how it is helping you
- know of any diet / dietician that you can recommend or are using and is helpful etc.


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SusLeu 9 mths ago
Hi, I am a British citizen who has been living in Hong Kong for nearly 30 years. I was diagnosed with MS about 16 years ago whilst living in Hong Kong. At the time I knew nobody else with MS. Unfortunately, mine has been a pretty aggressive case of MS and I now use a wheelchair. However, I do still work part time from home as a lawyer. I have three daughters.

In terms of your questions, I went through the private system in Hong Kong in diagnosing and treating my MS. I was very proactive in researching about the condition and guided my doctors in Hong Kong. I also received advice from neurologists in London and America.

I receive physiotherapy from a lady called Carol Cam who is a neuro physio from the UK. She will do house visits. I find that the physiotherapy helps me a lot.

In terms of diet, a Mediterranean diet is supposedly helpful. It is also helpful to make sure that you have sufficient levels of vitamin D in your body.

Apparently, a keto or fasting diet is also helpful for MS.

It is usually good practice to start on disease modifying therapy for MS as soon as possible after diagnosis in order to prevent disability. Unfortunately, when I was diagnosed in 2005, this was not the normal practice and I have allowed disability to accrue.

A very good blog to follow on MS and to find out all the latest research is the from Barts in London.

Please let me know if you would like any more information



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