Why our food is killing us, with Dr. Robert Lustig

Posted by Ed 13 mths ago

Robert Lustig is an American physician and researcher who has written extensively about how our modern food environment is poisoning us. His 2012 book “Fat Chance” was a New York Times bestseller. He recently came out with a new book, “Metabolical”, in which he lays out in detail the science of how and why modern processed foods destroy our health. He also explains why the food industry, along with our governments and co-opted scientists and dieticians, are doing their best to keep us eating things that make us fat and diabetic and that cause us to die prematurely.


In this interview I talk to Robert about what it is specifically that makes processed foods so unhealthy, and why there are such strong vested interests involved in getting us to eat unhealthy foods. We also discuss what can be done, both at an individual level and a societal level, to reverse the health crisis wrought by processed foods.


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