Well Being: Ultra-processed Foods

Posted by Ed 39 days ago
We all know they aren't good for us - it is long past time to stop buying them.
Too Much Ultra-Processed Food Linked to Lower Heart Health

Nov. 11, 2019 — Americans get more than 50 percent of their daily calories from ultra-processed foods. Measures of heart health decrease as ultra-processed food consumption ...

New Evidence Links Ultra-Processed Foods With a Range of Health Risks

May 29, 2019 — Two large European studies find positive associations between consumption of highly processed ('ultra-processed') foods and risk of cardiovascular disease and ...

Trends in Consumption of Ultraprocessed Foods Among US Youths Aged 2-19 Years, 1999-2018

JAMA. 2021;326(6):519-530. doi:10.1001/jama.2021.10238

In this serial cross-sectional study of nationally representative data from 33 795 US youths aged 2-19 years, the estimated percentage of total energy consumed from ultraprocessed foods increased from 61.4% to 67.0%, whereas the percentage of total energy consumed from unprocessed or minimally processed foods decreased from 28.8% to 23.5%.

Heavily Processed Foods Cause Overeating and Weight Gain, Study Finds

May 16, 2019 — People eating ultra-processed foods ate more calories and gained more weight than when they ate a minimally processed diet, according to results from a new study. The difference occurred even though ...

Our Weight Tells How We Assess Food

Sep. 22, 2017 — A new study demonstrated that people of normal weight tend to associate natural foods such as apples with their sensory characteristics. On the other hand, processed foods such as pizzas are ...

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