Western China Locks Down as Highly Contagious Centaurus Mutation Spreads

Posted by Ed 37 days ago
China enforces lockdowns as COVID-19 cases spiral in Xinjiang, Tibet 

A sharp increase in the number of Coronavirus cases in Xinjiang has led China’s government to send a delegation throughout the far-western region to implement Zero Covid policies, further isolating residents there, RFA reported.

As of Wednesday, Xinjiang recorded 2,779 confirmed Covid cases, with officials in the capital Urumqi designating 73 high-risk districts and imposing strict exit-entry controls due to the rising number of infections, China News Service

Global Governments Bracing for Future Waves of COVID Variants 
COVID-19 cases are slightly dropping across the board, but the trend can change in the next few weeks thanks to two new variants gaining ground across the globe.

BA.4.6 and BA.2.75, also known as centaurus, are both still a part of the omicron lineage, which is what makes them variants of concern.

That's because the omicron family is known for its infectious characteristics and its expertise in evading vaccines and our immune system.

The concern is how fast they’re spreading.

In fact, Dr. Dean Winslow, a professor of medicine at Stanford, said the way centaurus is moving, reminds him of how fast delta hit us.

“It certainly dramatically increased its prevalence in India, from, gosh, really undetectable in the middle of May to now it's making up as many as 40% of cases in India,” said Winslow.


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Ed 37 days ago
The 'Worst Variant' is Here

Nearly two-and-a-half years since the coronavirus pandemic began, the most infectious and transmissible variant yet has arrived.

Repeated Covid-19 waves have left millions of people dead, with only vaccines helping to blunt the toll. Now the virus is spreading again — evolving, escaping immunity and driving an uptick in cases and hospitalizations.
The latest version of its shape-shifting, BA.5, is a clear sign that the pandemic is far from over.
The newest offshoot of Omicron, along with a closely related variant, BA.4, are fueling a global surge in cases — 30% over the past fortnight, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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