'Leaky' vaccines may strengthen viruses: study

Posted by Ed 20 mths ago
(CTV News) - Defective or "leaky" vaccines may lead to even more powerful viruses, according to a study on poultry that raises concerns about vaccine development in humans.

When a vaccine works as intended -- such as for smallpox, polio and measles -- it protects those vaccinated and prevents the transmission of the virus.

But the study, published in PLOS Biology, reported that imperfect vaccines shielded poultry but also allowed the virus to survive in an even more pernicious form.

"Our research demonstrates that the use of leaky vaccines can promote the evolution of nastier 'hot' viral strains that put unvaccinated individuals at greater risk," said co-author Venugopal Nair of the Pirbright Institute in the U.K.

"These vaccines ... allow the virulent virus to continue evolving," he said.

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Ed 20 mths ago
“New Covid variant can reinfect you every month and it’s outpacing other strains” 
The new dominant strain found in the US and abroad is said to be capable of reinfecting patients within a few weeks of them recovering from the same strain, say doctors. 
Andrew Roberston, chief health officer in Western Australia, told News.com.au
“What we are seeing is an increasing number of people who have been infected with BA.2 and then becoming infected after four weeks. 

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afsah 20 mths ago
so what I the solution

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