Do Tetanus Vaccines Work?

Posted by Ed 13 mths ago

The T in the DPT or DTaP shot. The organism associated with tetanus, like the two previous organisms, is also a living bacterium, not a nonliving virus particle. Clostridium tetani bacteria secrete a very powerful toxin that can result in neurological symptoms, mainly uncontrollable muscle spasms. The amount of this toxin that reaches the central nervous system is directly proportional to the severity of symptoms.

It is important to know that the only place this organism can grow in your body is in an area with no oxygen present. A wound that is exposed to the air will not provide the proper environment for this organism to grow. However, a deep puncture wound will lack oxygen, and the organism can grow and secrete toxins IF the wound was not properly cleaned.

So, what should you do if you step on a rusty nail? First, know that rust has nothing to do with this disease. Tetanus organisms live as spores in the intestines and feces of various animals, even humans.

That’s right, humans, and this becomes important later. When the animals poop, the spores enter the ground and can survive as spores for a very long time. Subsequently, spores can enter the body when the skin is punctured with an object that is contaminated with the spores.
Here’s what you should do if you are deeply punctured by an object according to Vincent A Fulginiti, MD: “Tetanus is better prevented by appropriate attention to aseptic wound care and prompt, correct, rigorous treatment of injuries than by relying on immunization.” He wrote that in 1981, and even now in 2022 this advice appears in numerous publications.
The idea of the shot is to inject the tetanus toxin (or something like it) to stimulate the production of antibodies. The antibodies created by this artificial immunization procedure can only react to the toxin. The antibodies obviously cannot prevent the toxin from being created. So, it makes much more sense to treat the wound and prevent the ability of the toxin to be made in the first place. Despite this commonsense approach, millions of tetanus shots are administered every year without good reason.

The pharmaceutical industry does not make a stand-alone tetanus shot. The tetanus toxoid is always administered along with the diphtheria toxoid, and sometimes with the pertussis toxin. As mentioned previously, the pertussis toxin is so toxic that a shot called Tenivac had to be made available without including it. In fact, the most administered childhood shot called a vaccine is the pentavalent DTP-Hib-HepB injection. Hitting children’s bloodstreams with five toxins at once is not a good idea, in my opinion.


It is too dangerous to inject the actual tetanus toxin, so they weaken it the laboratory to create a “toxoid” and inject that instead. And THAT, the medical profession states, is the ONLY way to get antibodies to create adaptive immunity. The audacity and arrogance of the medical profession never ceases to amaze me.

They profess that there is no natural immunity to the tetanus toxin, and that a person who has been punctured must receive an injection of the manmade toxoid to get any stimulation of antibody production. You can verify that here from WHO in the year 2018:

The medical profession has been lying to you about this for decades. There IS natural immunity to the tetanus toxin. Humans can harbor this organism and that’s why its spores can be found in human feces. Here is a study from 1975 showing that 59 people who have never been injected by any shots at all, had antibodies that would react to the tetanus toxin: 

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