What Causes Alzheimer's Disease (and Heart Disease)?

Posted by Ed 13 mths ago
The causes and treatments of dementia are critical for to understand for the era we live in.
In the first half of this series, I reviewed the tremendous costs to our society from Alzheimer's disease [AD]. Because of the urgency to address AD, billions have been spent researching it (for example the NIH was allotted 3.5 billion in 2022), yet, despite decades of research, we are still no closer to a cure for this condition.
I have come to believe that most industries or advocacy groups that are tasked with addressing a problem (if not held accountable for their failures) will inevitably fail to solve the problem, as solving it so would take them out of business. In the case of AD, there has been a tunnel vision focus upon amyloid plaques being its cause and countless failed attempts to treat AD by removing those plaques, with some of the examples highlighted in the previous article bordering on absurdity.

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