henna brows

Posted by KristaMirt222 17 mths ago
does anyone know about henna brows its process and aftercare and cost???

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AmieJackson222 17 mths ago
Henna brows are a sort of coloring that can leave your hair colored for up to 6 weeks while also discoloring your skin. A tan on the skin that might linger for two to ten days. If you want your eyebrows temporarily filled in and sculpted, using henna is a terrific method to experiment with different shapes before applying semi-permanent makeup.
Henna has been used for thousands of years to colour hair and create body art and cosmetics. Many people
mistakenly believe that henna has a reddish hue, but when used on the eyebrows, it really produces a more cool hue that is ideal for them.
Depending on the salon's reputation and location, henna brow treatments cost anywhere from $35 to $75.

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