What are the Actual Causes of Cardiovascular Disease?

Posted by Ed 9 mths ago
“Malcolm Kendrick's masterly survey of the enduring mystery of heart disease reads like a detective story. With great verve he marshals the evidence for the two main contending theories, exonerates the presumed suspect and makes a formidable case for thrombogenesis (blood clotting) as the perpetrator. Witty, provocative and entertaining, 'The Clot Thickens' packs a powerful scientific punch. Highly recommended.” Dr James Le Fanu

Doctor, journalist, author of ‘ The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine .’

“Malcolm Kendrick's new book brings to mind the quote from Thomas Huxley when he first learned of Darwin's theory of evolution: ‘how extremely stupid (of me) not to have thought of that’. What Kendrick presents is nothing less than a unifying theory of heart disease, that explains why everything from sickle cell disease to diabetes to a stressful lifestyle increases cardiovascular risk (and he does it with a large dollop of humour). After decades stuck in the blind alley that is the LDL hypothesis, this book is a revelation. It should be read by anyone with even a slight interest in understanding heart disease and what they can do to protect themselves from it.”

Dr Sebastian Rushworth
M.D. Sweden

This is a 150-year detective story with a cast of unrecognised heroes who may, finally, become known for their work on the true causes of heart disease. Exploring the truth about cholesterol - the apparently tried, and convicted, cause of millions of deaths from heart disease - with billions spent each year on lowering cholesterol with diet and drugs.

Is it possible that our villain was simply left holding the gun whilst the true culprits ran and hid? Have they escaped our clutches?

Dr Kendrick also introduces us to a range of other lesser known characters in this tale of selective reporting, data manipulation and intrigue. The true story of heart disease is out there, and the evidence has been brought together here - a scientific mystery for our time that is ready to unfold.

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Ed 7 mths ago
What causes heart disease?
In the 1960s and 1970s, a debate emerged over what caused heart disease. On one side, John Yudkin argued that the sugar being added to our food by the processed food industry was the chief culprit.

On the other side, Ancel Keys (who attacked Yudkin's work) argued that it was due to saturated fat and cholesterol.

Keys won, Yudkin's work was largely dismissed, and the demonization of saturated fat and cholesterol became nutritional dogma.

It gradually became recognized that Ancel Keys did not accurately report the data he used to substantiate his arguments. Fifty years after the initial debate, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world published internal sugar industry documents. They showed the sugar industry had used bribes to make scientists place the blame for heart disease on fat so Yudkin's work would not threaten the sugar industry.

It is now generally accepted that Yudkin was entirely right and had we listened to him, an immense amount of suffering could have been prevented. Despite this, the cholesterol hypothesis of heart disease persists (despite very little evidence supporting it and a significant amount refuting it), and we still provide diabetics with disastrous dietary advice (eat carbs and no fats) that originated from the work of Keys.

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