Why Am I Always Sick?

Posted by Ed 9 mths ago


Australia is grappling with the “yo-yo flu”, where cold symptoms continually return, as a sharp rise in respiratory infections has been driven by an early flu season, continuing cases of COVID-19 and the circulation of nasty viruses.
Sydney pharmacist Sylvia Thai said she and her family had been sick intermittently for the past several months, and believed it was a byproduct of low natural immunity.

“We’ve been constantly sick, and it’s been going around in a cycle, we keep giving it to each other,” she said.

Working in a pharmacy, Thai is used to being exposed to illness, but this year is different after 2½ years of social distancing and mask-wearing.

“Our immune systems haven’t had a chance to grow and all of a sudden, the world is normal and all the germs are coming out, and our bodies don’t know what to do,” she said.

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