Cellphone Radiation Tests Are 'Rigged,' Ignoring Long-Term Health Effects: Expert

Posted by Ed 6 mths ago

France's recent ban on sales of the iPhone 12 due to radiation concerns has sparked apprehension throughout Europe about the health risks of cellphone radiation exposure.

While U.S. tests focus narrowly on whether phones heat tissue, some experts argue they fail to show the whole picture.

“The way they're tested is to see whether or not they heat you up, and not for the chronic long-term effects that have been demonstrated,” Devra Davis, a cancer epidemiologist who holds a doctorate in science studies and a master's in public health in epidemiology, told The Epoch Times. “Particularly the effects on sperm and lower testosterone, among others.”

17 Minutes of Daily Cellphone Use Increased Cancer Risk
Heavy cellphone use has a "possible" association with increased brain cancer incidence, especially in research not funded by telecoms, according to a review of 23 case-control studies in 2009 published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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Ed 6 mths ago
France Says the iPhone 12 Emits Too Much Radiation. Here’s What You Should Know
Plus, other top offending smartphones based on research from Germany’s Federal Office for Radiation Protection.

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