Fluoride Has Its Day In Court

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After 78 Years Of Ignoring Its Own Science, The U.S. Government and The Industries with A Stake In Fluoridation Face A Reckoning
After completing his undergraduate degree, he pursued a PhD at Monash University, one of Australia's leading institutions. Following the successful completion of his doctorate, Pain embarked on a series of postdoctoral research positions, starting with a circuit in Bristol, UK.

The next stop on his academic journey was the prestigious University of Cambridge, where he had the opportunity to work with former Royal Society of Chemistry President Lord Lewis.

Pain’s research then took him back to Australia, where he held a position at the University of Adelaide before returning to Monash University.

During his time at Monash, he caught the attention of Telstra, a leading Australian telecommunications company, who headhunted him for a high-profile project. After a successful stint at Telstra, he continued to expand his horizons with a postdoctoral position at the University of Western Australia (UWA).

An opportunity soon arose for him to work on a special project with NEC Corporation in Japan, which further cemented his reputation as a leading expert in his field. Since then, Pain has held various positions, including serving as an advisor to government entities on various matters.

I asked how he became interested in this rather obscure subject, “In my second-year biochemistry lab, my tutor saw me approaching the water tap when we were preparing a rat liver enzyme assay on a freshly beheaded animal. The tutor stopped me and said I had to use distilled water because fluoride would ruin the experiment”.

Once he had established his bone fide in the scientific community he started a project called “Exposing Corruption in the Fluoridation Industry” with three other researchers. You can find it on Research Gate, it has over 40 articles, technical reports, and presentations on the harms caused by fluoridation.

I asked why he considers fluoride dangerous to which he responded, “Fluoride attacks every cell type in your body and is recognized by WHO as a low-dose endocrine disruptor and considered by WHO Africa to be a top 10 poison risk”.

He pulls no punches in his 2015 research paper entitled “Fluoride is a bio-accumulative, endocrine disrupting, neurotoxin carcinogen - not a nutrient”

“Fluoride is a bio-accumulative toxin that our bodies attempt to eject through the kidneys, hair, skin, and nails. Fluoride is a member of the so-called “bone-seeking” poisons due to its ability to displace hydroxyl groups in the Hydroxyapatite that forms the mineral content of our bones.

Fluoride is readily absorbed directly through the oral tissues.”

“In the stomach, a large proportion of Fluoride is converted to the extremely hazardous, tissue necrotizing, Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) molecule, a gas at body temperature. HF then readily migrates through the airways, stomach, and intestines to wreak havoc throughout the body [Sauerheber 2013].”

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