The Great Osteoporosis Scam

Posted by Ed 4 mths ago
How conventional osteoporosis care often makes things worse and the forgotten ways to regain bone health.
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•A gradual weakening of the bones which predisposes one to fractures is one of the most common and significant consequences of aging. Presently, to address it, we wisely try to head off bone loss in our younger years and unwisely routinely scan the density of aging bones so that a large volume of patients can be sold drugs to increase bone density.

•This approach is misguided because the data from those scans often does not correlate to the actual strength of the bones and because simply increasing bone density often creates brittle bones that fracture under stress. Additionally, the most commonly used drugs to address bone density are notorious for their side effects.

•Anytime a large drug market exists (e.g., presently osteoporosis affects around 20% of women over 50), the medical industry will dismiss any approach to the condition which does not result in it being able to sell large amounts of lucrative medical services.

•Because of this, there is relatively little knowledge of the actual causes of osteoporosis or the most effective ways to restore the strength of the bones. The causes and treatments of osteoporosis will be the focus of this article. 

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Ed 3 mths ago
Doctors received approximately $12.1 billion from drug and device makers between 2013–2022, study reveals

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