Natural Light is An Essential Nutrient

Posted by Ed 32 days ago
Story at a Glance:
•Sunlight is one of the most important things for our health (e.g., it halves our risk of dying or getting cancer), yet all we ever hear is how important it is to avoid it.
•While the importance of vitamin D is generally recognized, many of the other critical functions of light within plants, animals and human beings remain almost completely unknown (and hence will be the focus of this article.
•One of the defining characteristics of modern life is the continual exposure to unnatural light. While this is viewed as being relatively benign, in reality, forgotten research demonstrated that it is a root cause of a myriad of inexplicable modern physical and behavioral illnesses.
•One of the keys functions of blood is to conduct light throughout the body. In turn, when this process is disrupted (e.g., by wearing glasses with lenses which eliminate critical parts of the electromagnetic spectrum) a variety of significant illnesses can develop.
Over the years, I have become convinced sunlight is one of the most essential nutrients for the body. For example, as human beings moved further and further north from Africa and had increasingly lower sun exposure, their skin became progressively lighter, something which argues the human body needs light and that the whitening of human skin in the higher latitudes was a protecting mechanism designed to ensure enough of the remaining sunlight could get inside the body.
Note: an explanation of how the darker parts of the skin prevent UV from entering the body can be found here. 

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