AsiaXPAT's Guide to The Best 25 Gyms and Fitness Studios in Hong Kong



Posted by Ed 45 days ago

One of the most pressing health challenges all over the world today is preventing diseases caused by obesity and being overweight. In Hong Kong, there are a number of gyms and fitness studios that feature an array of methods on losing weight and keeping healthy.

From those that offer high-octane cardio workouts to eclectic yoga sessions, there is always a fitness club you can join just around the corner. But while there are many health clubs in Hong Kong, finding the perfect one that fits your lifestyle can prove to be quite difficult.

Prior to signing up for membership at a gym or fitness studio, you would want to assess what sort of workout intensity you’d want to engage yourself in first.

Determining whether you’d want to shed those extra pounds, add muscle, or simply learn basic meditatation as your starting phase to get into your program. Once you know how you’d like to shape up, browse through this list of the 25 best gyms and fitness studios in Hong Kong and pick one that can help you realize the best version of yourself. 

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