Posted by Ed 3 mths ago
You may have heard about this new plant based burger that tastes and even bleeds like a real burger…and if that isn’t enough to weird you out, I don’t know what is.

Weird as it seems to me, I’m much more concerned with the actual ingredients, especially when the product touts itself as not just healthy, but sustainable; they even refer to their products as the future of PROTEIN.

Is it actually healthy? Is it actually sustainable?

After taking a look at the ingredients, the answer is a resounding hell no. Not even close.

Let’s examine:


earthwalker7 3 mths ago
Beef burgers and plant-based burgers are BOTH unhealthy.
Plant-based burgers are generally high fat, but less fatty than beef.
And there's fewer carcinogens, and lots of fiber.
To be clear, plant-based burgers are junk food, but beef burgers are junk food also.
For years consumers shunned plant-based burgers because they didn't taste close enough to beef.
Now they taste exactly like beef, and people are expecting the burger to be health food to boot!
That's just silly.
You want to be healthy - eat some broccoli and brown rice for pity's sake.
Don't blame your junk food for being unhealthy, just like it always was.

Ed 2 mths ago
The Impossible Burger is a GMO food

A key ingredient of the Impossible Burger is a protein called soy leghemoglobin (SLH) derived from genetically engineered yeast. SLH contains an add-on component known as “heme”. In its natural form, SLH is found in the root nodules of soybean plants.

Impossible Foods has taken the SLH gene from the soybean and used genetic engineering technology to insert it into a strain of yeast. The resulting genetically modified (GM) yeast is grown at an industrial scale in vats, a process known as fermentation. The SLH is then isolated from the yeast and added to the Impossible Burger.


Impossible Foods’ meatless burger is marketed as a healthy and environmentally responsible choice.

The key ingredient that gives the Impossible Burger its meaty taste and makes it bleed like meat when cut is soy leghemoglobin (SLH), derived from genetically engineered yeast.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refused to sign off on the safety of SLH, which has never been in the human food supply before.

The FDA is also concerned that SLH may be an allergen.

The Impossible Burger contains a number of other ingredients that are derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Some ingredients in the Burger are highly processed and are produced in industrial vats (“fermentation”).

The GM yeast must be grown in a nutrient-rich broth made of chemically synthesized ingredients that are themselves industrially manufactured.

Overall, the manufacturing processes for the Impossible Burger are materials-hungry and energy-hungry.

These facts are being ignored in promotional claims about the environmental impact of the Burger.

The Impossible Burger represents the opposite of what today’s health-aware and environmentally conscious consumers want from their food: pure, natural, non-GMO ingredients that are transparently sourced.

Ed 2 mths ago
I am working on a product that is meat-based but tastes like broccoli.....

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