I Want My Sex Back



Posted by Ed 3 mths ago
Transgender people who regretted changing sex

After years of feeling uncomfortable with his male body, Billy finally came up with a solution: he underwent sex reassignment surgery to become the woman he had always felt he was. However, the change didn’t bring him the relief he had sought, and neither did it solve any of his problems. After seven years of being a woman, Billy reverted back to being a man.

Rene Jax was born and raised as a male. She used to dress as a woman before she actually took the plunge to become female. The hormone therapy and breast augmentation that followed didn’t satisfy Rene. Gender dysphoria – the condition of feeling disconnected from your sex – persisted. Now at the age of 58, she says her gender reassignment was a mistake, merely cosmetic surgery.



bananaq 2 mths ago
that is good that they realized it but its late. anyone out there planning to cut their pipe and change it into a hole please think twice.

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