How to travel on Indian trains, planes, and automobiles

Posted by Ed 17 mths ago
WHEN PLANNING A TRIP to India, people often wonder how they are going to travel from place to place. How are Indian trains? Should they travel by Indian Railways in India, and how do they reserve a ticket? What about flying in India? Is it hard to book air tickets?

And what about cars, taxis, autorickshaws, and automobiles? How much does it cost and is it safe to travel with a car and driver in India? These are just some of the questions I get asked, and that I often see in traveller’s forums.

After spending more than four years, over the last 13 years, travelling around India by plane, train, automobile – and motorcycle, camel, bus, and bicycle – here are my thoughts and guidelines for booking tickets, and reducing as much stress as possible. Plus, recommended travel apps you can download and install.

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