A Food Lover's Guide To Barcelona

Posted by Ed 12 mths ago
The abundance of gourmet offerings at Spain's popular destination is irresistible, from celebrated eateries to rare gems that fill every corner of the city where the Sagrada Familia resides

Barcelona makes eating all day easy, and for many food lovers, a visit to the Catalan capital can be considered a pilgrimage. While the splendid architecture, rich history and golden beaches are enthralling, few cities can rival the city’s gastronomic delights, which range from humble tapas bars to Michelin champions and everything in between.


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Ed 12 mths ago
Bar La Plata

This corner bar just a block away from the old fishing port has been serving the same four dishes since 1945 - salted anchovies on bread, butifarra (Catalan sausage), tomato salad and their famous floured and fried crispy sardines.

Now run by the founder’s grandson, the tiny bar packs a ton of atmosphere per square meter with its stunning Spanish-tiled walls and lively crowds. Locals stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their elbows parked on the main bar, and during prime hours it’s not uncommon to see people spilling out onto the streets with glasses in hand.

This is the ideal pre-tapas spot, with exceptional vermouth and red, white or rosé from the Penedès region served straight out of the barrel in chupito glasses.


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