Travel insurance

Posted by HelloGiGi2020 14 mths ago
Hi all,

Would anyone be able to recommend the best place to get travel insurance? I'm looking at getting an annual cover, mostly for cancellations and illnesses.


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Ed 14 mths ago
Get in touch with  Pacific Prime 

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RN78 13 mths ago

Does anyone have any views or experience of filing a complaint with the Insurance Complaints Bureau/Insurance Authority?

I just had a trip cancellation claim rejected by Zurich Insurance because according to them “ The Novel Coronavirus does not fall into the definition of infectious disease under the Policy“!

Needless to say, I was utterly stumped by this response and am following up with them. But, I am also considering filing a complaint with the ICB, though I am unsure if it will work.

Any thoughts will be much appreciated!

Best Regards,

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Ed 13 mths ago
I was also informed by my broker that the virus is a known pandemic so various clauses in my annual travel/medical contract kick in voiding a range of covers....   
The broker indicates the insurer's position is air-tight.
I had no tickets in hand so am not getting hit with any losses due to cancellations. 

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