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It all started with a letter we received from our New-Zealander grandmother…

‘Hello my darlings,

‘I’ve been meaning to write for some time to let you know a little about your Scottish forebears. (It may be true, or it may not, but it makes a good story!)

‘A Spanish galleon was shipwrecked off the northern coast of Scotland (that part is true). Some sailors made it to land, but one Spanish sailor needed to be comforted. I can only imagine how! Hence the start of several generations on my mother’s side. They were mainly Scots, but a little bit of Spanish too. I don’t know what year, but I would assume the 1700s, about six generations back. (I’ve made that up!) It would be nice if a bit of Spanish blood became obvious but the Mathieson side seems to have taken over… except perhaps for you, Annika?

‘I hope you are both very well and are having some fun. Covid is still getting in the way down here and no doubt putting a damper on things. That being said, many restrictions are slowly being lifted, but will it ever come to an end?

‘Fondest love Grandy xx’

After reading Grandy’s letter, there was no doubt about it. Jessica and I had been longing for an outdoor adventure, and now we knew exactly where we’d be heading: to the land our ancestors had once roamed, to discover what the Scottish Highlands had to offer.


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