Hebrides - The Scenic Route

Posted by Ed 2 mths ago


Solo adventures are always special, but an adventure with friends is something to look forward to. Shared perspectives and experiences lead to a different kind of enjoyment – and also to growth, both of the individual and of the friendships themselves.

All journeys are adventures, and adventures are most real when shared. A group of adventurers creates a mosaic of abilities, passions, and stories. The result is a singular, unique journey shared amongst them. Together, we don’t seek the fastest route, nor the wildest or farthest or most gruelling. This time, we seek the scenic route.

The three of us come from completely different backgrounds and skill sets, but as old friends, we always have the best time together. Planning a trip that highlights each of us and combines our passions has been a dream for some time. The time, the place, the activities. These all feel like mere formalities to give us an excuse to spend some time together doing the things that make us come alive.

Standing on the deck of the early ferry out of Oban, clutching a machine-made coffee to try to offset the early start, I scan the sea intensely for wildlife. Since deciding we would go to Mull, we’ve talked non-stop about a collective desire to see otters. Soon, I spot a good omen: a dorsal fin breaks the surface, and a small pod of porpoises rushes past the ship.
Rachel and John are at the ready with their cameras, flitting between sky and sea to find animals before we’ve even arrived on Mull. After the ferry docks, we pull the van over to have a Grand Faff, largely delaying the inevitable truth that we’ll be cycling in the rain today, and set off on our journey together.

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