Mekong Meanderings



Posted by Ed 3 mths ago
It seems now that few places are untouched by tourism. Those along the Mekong River have certainly seen their share, for better or worse; fortunately, there are a few new luxury destinations that offer travel with a bit of sensitivity to the local culture. The final part of our Mekong series gets cosmopolitan

Moving down river to where the Tonle Sap meets the Mekong as it runs seaward, the final and somewhat more cosmopolitan experience awaits; in fact, those who haven’t visited Phnom Penh in several years may find it difficult to recognise the gleaming skyline – and the various pieces of infrastructure built by a gaggle of competing regional donors.

A glass edifice just off Russian Federation Boulevard — for the Cold War hasn’t entirely loosed its grip here — houses another recently opened Rosewood property on its top 14 levels. The building, Vattanac Capital Tower, is the tallest in Cambodia and was designed by architects Farrells to echo an east-facing dragon.

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