Part Time Helpers

Hiring a part time helper who does not have permanent residency or a dependent visa in Hong Kong can result in substantial penalties to both the employer and helper. Before hiring a part time helper you must check the helpers visa conditions to confirm that they are eligible to work part time in Hong Kong. If you are unsure we recommend you you seek further clarification with the Immigration Department.

Alternatively, please contact Merry Maids for you part time helper needs.

Contact Part-time Domestic Helpers

To view the telephone numbers or send emails directly to the part time helpers listed on AsiaXPAT, employers must purchase a membership.

Memberships are 1-month in duration and DO NOT automatically renew.
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Looking for a part time job

Hong Kong
Tai Koo Shing
February 17, 2020
Hi, I am Rachel, a local Hong Kong. I am looking for a regular Part time job,
Monday to Saturday from 10:am -9:00pm. I can do all domestic chores includes
cleaning, ironing, preparation for cooking or taking care of your dogs. If you
are interested, please WhatsApp me.
ID: 29a73d03-3a21-4dc2-82a9-5ee4db0945fc

Looking partime job

Hong Kong
Midlevels Central
February 17, 2020
Hello good day my name is Candy 43 yo filipina 23 years of experience working here in hk
Im looking a. Partime im free if evryday 5pm onwards or any of the day defends when u need i can do all chores pls kindly message me thanks pls be safe
ID: f848a7cd-42f5-42f6-8318-01cbc97c9f16

Looking for part time jobs

Hong Kong
Sai Ying Pun
February 17, 2020
Good morning !!!
I am Dinu,looking for part time jobs in Hongkong side ,
pets care
Dogs walking
Babysitting( night time)
Office cleaning
Light cooking
11 years working experience in Hongkong .
Reference available ..
Please whatsapp me ..
Thank you so much and have a nice day...
ID: d0e7f1e8-9198-4004-9f1a-54d04e6e6ae4

partime helper

Hong Kong
Fortress Hill
February 16, 2020
hi!I'm jhona I'm available every saturday and sometimes sunday if you want partime helper just contact me on wattsap
ID: dedb04f1-5b7c-4b2f-8df9-6786b523696d

Once or twice a week

Hong Kong
Kennedy Town
Part time helper
February 16, 2020
Hello everyone. I am looking for a part time job for 1 or 2 times a week. Experienced in doing all kinds of household work. Also available to work on weekends and public holidays. Whatsapp me if interested. Thank you.
ID: e00a93a4-2e44-4d8f-a843-e066982e0282

Cook available everyday

Hong Kong
Midlevels Central
Part time helper
February 16, 2020
Hi there. I’m experienced helper looking for a part time job. I can do all kinds of household work and specialise in cooking. I can cook different kinds of dishes and can follow recipes. Available to work everyday. Please message me if you need my help. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks
ID: 9ccb120a-d397-46d7-ab8e-1c3226187d92

Available everyday or few times a week

Hong Kong
Wan Chai
Part time helper
February 16, 2020
Hello. Experienced helper here looking for a part time job. Excellent in organising and deep cleaning. Available to work everyday or few times a week.. I can do all kinds of household work. I’m willing to work anywhere in Hong Kong. Anyone who needs help, please WhatsApp me. Thank you
ID: c90ce902-f8d0-4b91-9a4a-7cef6b293e90

Available Monday to Saturday

Hong Kong
Wan Chai
February 16, 2020
hi,I'm Neni from Indonesia available to do part time Monday to Saturday,I can do all households but no cooking,charge $85/hour min 4 hour every visit,who need my hands fell free contact my number please.
ID: 7c731d11-3f25-4e8b-8869-03d862f7928f

Looking for Part time Babysitter jobs

New Territories
Tai Po
February 16, 2020
Several years of experience in caring toddlers/children for Hong Kong as well as Western families in Europe.  See if I suit anyone's needs, please feel free to contact me.  Thanks.
ID: a2882f40-9049-4dba-9182-cc07afd3a8cb

Household Chores

Hong Kong
February 16, 2020
Hi, Im looking for part time job, household chores.Im available Monday to Friday , 2 to 3 hours a day or more. Hongkong Island location. Im honest, hardworking helper.
ID: 1a5dc48d-5a71-4fe4-b934-7d3d9c7f9ac2