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Dog park gathering / dog friends

December 15, 2021
I sometimes go to the dog parks on HK island. Would love to go together with other dog owners. If you are single between 35 and 50, it would be great to meet up in the dog park. About me: I am a local HK woman and have lived in London and Sydney for several years.
ID: db4c915e-64da-48b6-8c64-73fdfbe29271

Hiking Buddy / Campaign

November 16, 2021
Its Clay, 36 male expect. Going to start hiking soon December end. Looking for peoples who would love to join.
ID: d0d972df-5a8e-47c0-b890-eafe529234d9

Tennis Anybody?

September 23, 2021
Are you up for hitting a few balls in New Territories, Tai Po/Shatin? Beginner or intermediate players OK. For rallying or friendly matches.


ID: 4cca00fa-ec7b-44da-965f-2ad293738aa3

Footballers Wanted

August 04, 2021
Corinthians have teams in the Legal League (Saturdays), Yau Yee League (Sundays) & SS League (Midweek) and are looking for decent, committed and social players.

Drop us a message on Facebook or directly respond to this message as we are about to begin pre-season. Plenty of friendlies and training sessions coming up!

ID: a9b01b43-ff3d-4c3c-bc6c-ac6b0cf7bc2e