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Judo / jiujitsu training partner

February 05, 2019
Hi there

Hi there, just looking for partner can train with.

I’m sporty and fit, have few months experience, just stopped training for ~2 years due to busy work.
I want to start it again or we can join regular class together ?

Reply if anyone interested
ID: ec45e1a7-bb92-442d-a66f-8f9a636d6dc1

Tennis Buddy

January 20, 2019
I, booked a indoor tennis court on Robinson Road Jan 25 12-1pm, am a level 3.5 male partner and looking for similar level single player. Thanks
ID: 624d38c4-6a0a-4cba-be8f-f58bd2257a4a

Healthy Diet Team

December 27, 2018
Due to health issues, I have developed an interest in vegetarian, vegan, raw food, gluten/dairy free kind of diets. I would like to meet people who can explore those together. Let’s dine out! I’m Chinese lady in 40s speak Chinese/English/Madarin
ID: 8490dd53-1d54-48a6-bbce-41feb8386324

Want to build a Wooden Gear Clock?

December 27, 2018
I've been thinking (strongly) about building some Wooden Gear Clocks -
if you don't know exactly what that is, take a look at the following website:
If it sounds like something you'd find really interesting, get in touch & we can
discuss it.
ID: da8c1835-f25c-4e98-9abc-28db774ef108

looking for Indoor Futsall,or football team

December 01, 2018
Hi All,

Just landed in this wonderful Island and i will be here for a long time! looking to join a 6 aside football/futsal,or even form a team ,i'm in my mid 40,s,
Interested please get in touch.,cheers
ID: 6c1dc8e2-0e3b-4ba3-a8dc-ec7649580929

Squash Partner Wanted

October 20, 2018
Hello. I am Japanese female in 40s living in Sai Ying Pun.

I would love to meet someone to play beginner squash with during the week and weekends (daytime preferable).

I have played squash only for a couple of times so it would be nice to meet someone who can coach me.

ID: 37560e69-484b-4c85-b3fa-ddd10f9e60d2

Lose weight group

September 29, 2018
Female, 40s, want to lose some weight with a happy and healthy life-style. I have enough exercise as I love sports. My main issue is eating habits. I love chips a lot and eating snacks too often. Hope to join someone to help to improve eating behavior. My target is 20 pounds but I am happy in just losing 0.2pound. I do not intend to sign up any weight watching class as my wallet is always slim. Thanks for reading.
ID: 15944d4b-afca-466b-880a-55f11d78cd56

Squash teams

September 02, 2018
Hi all,

Just landed in HK. Looking to start/join a squash team. Since I havent been able to compare to HK players might make/join a team in the lowest division to start off.

I'm 22, so wont be able to join any masters leagues. Let me know if you're interested/looking for a player.

ID: 38e12e6c-1f08-41f2-ac97-f7e956dfc8da

Sheung Wan Exercise Buddies

September 01, 2018
Female, late 40s, has gained a few pounds in last few years, looking for others who want to improve fitness by taking advantage of the steps between Hollywood Road and Mid-levels early mornings before work, Mon, Wed, Fri, 7-8am. I figure we could get a little group together, invent some circuits and create our own bootcamps. Not looking for others who are already superfit, prefer if you need to drop some pounds so that we can all encourage each other.
ID: 068a77ed-833e-41d8-8c89-202ac675c074