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Squash buddies

January 22, 2020
Looking for a squash buddy to play squash regularly and most importantly SWEAT! Interested pls whatsapp Ed at 9688 0211 at any time.
ID: 861ff605-0871-4e9a-b6eb-026595487ee4

Running/ Tennis/ Hiking Buddy

January 22, 2020
Would like to look for running/ Tennis/ Hiking Buddy. Prefer HK side. Feel free to whatsapp Ed at +852 9688 0211 atany time. All age, gender and nationalities are welcome.
ID: 2bc8d78e-e965-44f6-87e9-e1e3c3ce02a8

Football Players Wanted

January 22, 2020

We are looking for players to join the San Pellegrinos football team in the Legal League Second Division. We play on Saturdays in an 11-a-side format.
The league is very competitive and the team always performs well, finishing in the top 3 for the past three years. Good group of players, mostly westerners but open to all.

Please contact Andrew if interested.

ID: e11de60e-c842-4a9b-aff5-f86ea6bfb580

Tennis Buddy

January 22, 2020
Looking for a tennis buddy to play on HK island or Kowloon early mornings on weekdays consistently. Looking to play 3 times a week. Restarted playing few months ago after a long time of not playing. I guess I am at an intermediate level although still trying to find senses back. If interested, please let me know.

John (WhatsApp)
ID: b638c4b9-9775-48e9-a0f6-0cd3c9f0c03c

Ntrp 3.5+ Tennis Whatsapp group

January 22, 2020
I want to set up a whatsapp group for tennis and mainly for posting invitaion to find a partner to play rallies and games in HK island who has level Ntrp 3.5 or above.
can whatsapp me, if interested
ID: 7c940699-fb48-4db9-889b-5f7490abadca

Ski partners wanted.

December 19, 2019
Intermediate to advanced skier, female, in my 40s, used to ski with my kids who are no longer keen on skiing. I’m flexible in travel dates and destinations. Skiers of similar levels and interests pls drop me a note. Thanks
ID: e0c90c64-49f8-4632-b661-a82f4f0b081d

Tennis in Sai Wan Ho at 8 - 10pm (dec 8 Sun)

December 07, 2019
looking for intermediate player to play rallies and game for single
ID: 72f0ec47-82c8-4c69-b7b8-4681df9fc535

Tennis buddy to play single on Nov 25 8-10pm in Aberdeen tennis centre

November 24, 2019
I'm NTRP level 3.5 and looking for tennis buddy to play rally and game on this date. Thanks
ID: 7db60144-1a37-457a-a069-dad585a7b319

Single female friends aged 35-45

November 17, 2019
I have been away from HK for some years. It is hard to find good friends at work. Most colleagues are married. Some friends don’t like night life or have left HK. I live in Central. I would like to meet other expats or locals who have lived abroad. If you have similar experience, please reach out to me. We can go to some drinks events together or have dinner in Central.
ID: 856c31ee-c393-44f3-b29d-4f507158f3cf

Run buddy

October 14, 2019
After a year of no workout, I'd like to run again. The temperature outside is ideal for an evening workout. If you're on the same mood, nothing hardcore, just a smooth run, I'd be glad to meet.
ID: 14a6dc77-3312-4161-aa51-3e7602c94e93