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Female golfers/activity partner 25-50 y/o

Posted 11/20/2017

Hi there, I'm a young looking 50 y/o married male, Chinese, born and raised abroad. Looking to meet new female friends to play golf/range or other activities. I'm fluent English and conversational Cantonese speaking. If you're interested in this platonic friendship, please send me a message.

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Looking for a partner for jogging and outdoor activities

Posted 11/11/2017


I am looking for someone to encourage each other for jogging in the evening or any sports activity like badminton or tennis (I am beginner though :-)). Prefer to jog near Kowloon Bay/ Kwun Tong/ TKO or
your preference. Am female 50 years old Asian if that matters.

Looking forward to hearing you soon.

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Looking for people who like hanging out together

Posted 11/04/2017

I'd love to meet some new friends who love hanging out together, enjoying dining, chit-chat about travelling, entertainment or even business topic, expand the social circle and or anyone would love to meet some more local/expat friends, knowing more about the local culture. text me ;)

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Looking for squash partner

Posted 10/29/2017


I am a married Korean woman, I have been learning squash for around 6 months.
I would like to play squash game with any ladies who can play at beginner or low intermediate level.
Prefer HK island, I live near aberdeen. I can only play on weekday during the day.

Pls feel free to msg me.
Thank you.

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Fitness /loose weight

Posted 10/28/2017

Hello, I am looking for a partner to keep fit /loose weight/body build. If you want to loose weight, let us encourage each other. If your weight is over 10 -20lbs, it is the time to do it now.
Try to do work out and fast hiking, etc. Hopefully every day after 330pm. Anyone interested email me .

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Pmp Certification

Posted 10/27/2017


anyone interested in the joint study for PMI PMP certification exam ping me

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Workout Partner

Posted 10/24/2017

Hello, I am getting into working out again. I have a membership at a gym in Olympic MTR. I need someone to help me with proper form for lifting weights and give me some motivation. I usually workout at 6:30 pm or 7 pm week days. Late 40's male, I wish to gain strength and weight. Practicing martial arts would also be good.

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Life model needed (1hr class)

Posted 10/23/2017


My girlfriend and i are hosting an art evening. We require a life model for 60mins, specially from 5 - 6pm on 4 November in Kennedy Town.

Please provide cost and your profile.

For reference, drawing will be conducted in charcoal by around 10 people.

Thanks and best,

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outdoor hiking

Posted 10/21/2017

I am looking for an outdoor HK hiking partner or someone to explore HK area with. just came back from trekking in Bhutan/nepal. I live in HK and travel to china regularly for a project I am working on,
1960, leo, rat 175cm, fit

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Personal Trainer

Posted 10/16/2017

Personal Trainer
- training for any age and any level!
- flexible timings
- trial session available for half price
-package discount
-supplements advices included
- for any goal-> don't wait, change your lifestyle and message now!

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Advanced squash player

Posted 10/09/2017

Hi there

I'm looking for advanced Squash players to play with on HK island on weekday nights.
Please contact me through whatsapp 55616009


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Learning Martial Art Together

Posted 09/24/2017

Hi, I am 31-year-old female, from South Korea.
I have moved to HK just few weeks ago, and looking for friends who share the same hobby.
I would like to learn some martial art such as Kung fu, boxing, and hope to find good friend who can encourage each other.
I am fluent in English and would like to meet female friend who would like to learn martial art together.
I found several martial art institutions near Central(it can be decided after the discussion), and I am available at any time
Let me know if you are interested through e-mail :

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Looking for singing and dancing partner, Male or female welcome.

Posted 09/21/2017

Love to go out on weekends to sing with live bands. Ballroom, Salsa dancing every now and then, dine out, drive around...etc. Chinese female in my 50's, feel like 30's, finally single again. Used to live in the US. whatsapp if interested.


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Looking for advanced Squash players

Posted 09/20/2017


I'm looking for advanced Squash players in HK Western district.
Playing during week evenings.

Contact me on Whatsapp: 5145 3914


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badminton single playing partner wanted

Posted 09/16/2017

hello, i m locak chinese fluent in english, looking for somebody to play badminton for fun, prefer outdoors, any day during the week from late afternoon to evening time, except sundays and public holidays
prefer westerns, or any nationality of foreigners, within urban area, im living on kowloon side

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badminton buddy wanted

Posted 09/11/2017

i m looking for someone to play badminton with, im local chinese female, im just a beginner, free during the week days, from afternoon to evening time, prefer to play outdoors to excersice and keep fit, i dont have too much time to social, please whatsapp 5106 1696

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belly dance in central

Posted 07/27/2017

small class every tue evening in aug

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Looking for a tennis partner or coach

Posted 07/16/2017


I am looking for a tennis partner or coach.

Would like to practice mainly rally, preferably on Kowloon side.

I haven't hit for a while but used to play in mid-level.

Anyone interested in, kindly let me know please.


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Running/sprinting/training Partner in Mk/pe

Posted 07/13/2017

I am looking for someone who is interested in some mutually supportive running/sprinting/training sessions around Mong Kok and Prince Edward in the evenings (after 8.30pm) or early mornings (7am) a couple of times a week.

English, 29, quite fit.

Send me a message if interested :)

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In search of tennis buddy...

Posted 07/10/2017

I'm a long time tennis player in early 30s who has had hitting partners off and on here in Hong Kong. In search of a new one who is around my intermediate level. I'm around 3.5-4.0 NTRP rating (you can look that up and read the short description on skill level). Preferably to meet and hit on Kowloon(Prince Edward area) side but willing to travel.

Let me know, cheers

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