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Looking for Bigfin Reef Squid fishing buddy

April 12, 2021

I am an expat here and looking for a fishing mate(s) to join me for Bigfin reef squid fishing or jigging sometimes. After some trial and error, I found couple of boats with a reasonable fee for squids fishing but it is hard to form a minimum 4-5 anglers who can speak English as I can't speak Cantonese. I have two more English speaking friends and need to recruit some more. Boat starts from TKO to sail around Sai Kung near Clearwaterbay or PoToi island. See below posting which is pretty much similar what we do

If interested, please text me via whatapp at 9227.6989

ID: a002544a-afc5-43ab-8024-a3b24b8986d7

Ahoy Sailors

April 11, 2021
Looking for crew, you can't be captain just yet, I am. I bought a Corsair F-28 and can't find enough people to go out with me and as I am addicted to sailing - I would be out right now if I could find someone as it is too much for just one person to handle, plus I like to have someone to talk to. So if you are interested, you don't have to have any experience, just adventurous is great, if you know what to do even better. I have been sailing for about 50 years so I will be more than happy to teach you everything you wanted to know about boats.
ID: ebf6976d-c891-40b5-9534-97fded446cec

Anyone into fishing

March 26, 2021
Hi, I'm a HK woman at early 40's. Recently interested to turn fishing into my new hobby. Yet I don't have any friends who go fishing in my social circle. If you are fishing around the town (preferably western HK island side), let me know so I can learn some new skills from you and we may be fishing buddies in future!
ID: 4589aa54-7a3e-4409-bae5-eba6bbebe36b

Explore vegetarian eateries

February 22, 2021
Female professional in HK (easy going and fun) looking for friends to hang out and explore eateries that cater to customers who want to try a plant-based diet.
ID: 7df49cc9-639c-49e9-954d-c42b9141b36c

all around friend/ or who knows

February 13, 2021
Hello! Football player here in Hong Kong, from Eastern Europe. Willing to explore, try new things, and spend time with someone normal and understandable. Tall, strong and fit. Send me a msg and let's talk.
ID: 4765b14d-aff1-4f1b-8e4b-e3bf54401ed6

need outdoor activities

February 12, 2021
Sit too much in front of the computer. Need someone to pull me out of the house. Prefer someone need friends to lose weight together and live around HK side. Hiking, walking or anything outdoor.
ID: 09478239-707d-41cd-9688-ee845c277f06

Three weeks holidays in Feb

January 31, 2021
Due to CD19, I am asked to have three weeks' holidays during CNY. Please contact me if there are any outdoor activities or any organizations needs volunteer during Feb. I am a Chinese female in my mid-40s.
ID: fb98f370-524c-479b-ba7a-1c6a7102f5ff